Our food system is undoubtedly bruised and broken. At one end we are in acute overproduction – growing megatonnes more calories than our global digestive tract can carry – and at the other, we are needlessly hurling over a third of it all away. Landfull invites you upon a step-by-step journey throughout our supply chain. Each chapter explores how food is systematically lost and wasted at every stage, whilst showcasing the many initiatives that are rising up, going against the grain to take a stand against the scandal. From individual dumpster divers to National campaigns, this directory celebrates a robust sense of collaboration, resistance, justice and potential, whilst strongly advocating the collective reconnection to what’s on our plates.

Jam-packed with inspiration, contacts, tips and recipes, readers of Landfull will discover
that the solutions to food waste are not only both current and abundant within the UK, but that they are inherently interwoven with our wider pursuit of a fairer food system
all together.