Internationale Festival, Italy

If you don’t know Internationale magazine, check it out here.

I was fortunate enough to be asked to talk on a panel about food waste at this years Internationale Festival in Ferrara, Italy. Apart from being nervous about talking at an event full of legit authors, journalists, professors, researchers etc. from around the world, I was so so excited and humbled to be part of such an amazing annual festival with an incredible organisation that promotes alternative news/writing all over the planet.

The event ran from Friday October 5th to Sunday 7th; I spoke on the Saturday. On the panel with me was a food waste researcher, a university professor and the co-director of the Slow Food Movement. I was honored to represent the action and thoughts of food waste projects on the ground, and shared the insight I have gained from visiting and working with so many. Before we started the talk the room filled with more people than there were seats which proved an enormous interest in the subject… something I can become curious of when very aware I live mostly in a bubble of community/foodie people. Despite my personal difficulty with having everything translated, the panel went very well and was a delight to be a part of.

Thanks to all who got me there and to those who showed specific interest in Landfull 🙂

internationale 2


EU Conference

On Friday, Landfull took part in the EU Ecowaste4food conference in Cornwall, with the likes of Recycle DevonThe Real Junk Food Project Plymouth and many more…
Amazing, inspiring people and lots of pointers to food waste ventures around Europe! Thanks for the invite Emma 🙂

Last week, Landfull also attended the Southampton Sustainability Open Mic – an evening of mini talks sharing ideas for environmental sustainability and a better future for ourselves and our planet.

Tomorrow I’ll be at Southampton University’s Earth Day event, sharing vegan burgers and books!

earth day

For sale in October Books!


BIG UP Blunt Print again for producing such stunning copies 🙂

If you’re based in Southampton, you can now buy Landfull at October Books for £12 (that would be £10 to cover printing costs and £2 to support our very favourite local book cooperative)

The official launch will be Friday March 2nd, 7pm in the shop. Details to come.



The books are here and printed! Copies are being sent out to food waste projects and recipe contributors as we speak 🙂

Let printing commence!

The book is now (finally) in print! 1 month late – I had hoped to print at the end of December rather than the end of January – but everything is feeling positive and all a bit difficult to believe. I have just finished my last stint of proof reading and ensuring all of the design fits each page nicely. Although reading my words back makes me cringe at times, I am happy with how it has come together – though part of me so desperately wants to write more and update the whole thing but I have had to accept that it is an object with a best-before date… with the food waste movement changing constantly, it would be impossible to finish this book if I keep trying include new projects, ideas, data etc.!
It has been such a long time since the initial concept of this project and a very complex journey along the way. I’m now feeling so excited to receive the copies at the end of next week (hopefully) and then send them to all of the featured initiatives and recipe contributors the week following.

MASSIVE thank you to Blunt for working with me and printing such lovely quality books x

The book MIGHT be sent out for Christmas!

With a full time summer job of festival catering, then walking straight into another full-time kitchen job in Southampton, I am trying to find the spare time to do editing after receiving my first physical proof in the post. There’s not much to change design wise, but it seems takes hours and hours to get things right! Once this is done, I’ll give it a quick read through to look out for typos, then will order enough to send every project one and TRY to do this in time for Christmas – hurrah!


Writing is nearly complete!


We are so close to the end now. I’ve been spending the last couple days sat indoors putting the final bits together: writing extra thoughts; proofreading and editing everything; ensuring I’m making sense and essentially condensing my previous rambles down to an affordable size – the cost of printing is sadly enormous, already resulting in minimal copies for this first round of printing.

I’m delighted to be assisted by the amazing CoCo Creative, who will be helping me with the book design over the next couple of weeks. Things will likely move quite fast from here – but I estimate I’ve got a solid 10 more days of word forming before we can finalize the layout and page count. Hopefully the final publication will be sent off to the printers before the end of May!

As for all of the projects featured in the book, I am entirely grateful for your time and patience with me over the course of the past 2 years! Thanks you to everyone that has confirmed their proof with me. The last thing I will be sending out is a request for written consent to use and print your logos in the directory part of the book. After that, our next contact will be to send you the book 🙂


Recipe cooking!

Yesterday was mega. All of the recipes were finally cooked and photographed for the book. I’m so happy with the variation of dishes – so many flavours, colours and waste-kicking ideas! Waking up this morning feels interesting… I’m not hungry that’s for sure, but I am realising that this journey is coming to an end. Today I transition into the final chapter of Landfull’s production… it’ll be a busy December full of writing, editing, book design, proof-reading and my last few visits as I travel from Scotland to the Isle of Wight. After all of this is more or less complete, my focus will be on discovering the best route to get the book printed and out to food waste projects around the country.

All contributors to the book will receive a free copy of the publication, and any recipe submissions that did not make the final cut will be posted on this website instead.

More Gleaning

This week I’ve gleaned twice. Once in Hereford, and once near Preston. As always, the days were filled with wonderful people and nourishing chatter. Apples and onions were abundant – and all of them rejected from UK supermarkets. I was able to capture a few images for both Feedback and the book, so I now only have a few more visits to organise before I can move into the final stage of editing. This book should soon be going to print!