Let printing commence!

The book is now (finally) in print! 1 month late – I had hoped to print at the end of December rather than the end of January – but everything is feeling positive and all a bit difficult to believe. I have just finished my last stint of proof reading and ensuring all of the design fits each page nicely. Although reading my words back makes me cringe at times, I am happy with how it has come together – though part of me so desperately wants to write more and update the whole thing but I have had to accept that it is an object with a best-before date… with the food waste movement changing constantly, it would be impossible to finish this book if I keep trying include new projects, ideas, data etc.!
It has been such a long time since the initial concept of this project and a very complex journey along the way. I’m now feeling so excited to receive the copies at the end of next week (hopefully) and then send them to all of the featured initiatives and recipe contributors the week following.

MASSIVE thank you to Blunt for working with me and printing such lovely quality books x


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