Writing is nearly complete!


We are so close to the end now. I’ve been spending the last couple days sat indoors putting the final bits together: writing extra thoughts; proofreading and editing everything; ensuring I’m making sense and essentially condensing my previous rambles down to an affordable size – the cost of printing is sadly enormous, already resulting in minimal copies for this first round of printing.

I’m delighted to be assisted by the amazing CoCo Creative, who will be helping me with the book design over the next couple of weeks. Things will likely move quite fast from here – but I estimate I’ve got a solid 10 more days of word forming before we can finalize the layout and page count. Hopefully the final publication will be sent off to the printers before the end of May!

As for all of the projects featured in the book, I am entirely grateful for your time and patience with me over the course of the past 2 years! Thanks you to everyone that has confirmed their proof with me. The last thing I will be sending out is a request for written consent to use and print your logos in the directory part of the book. After that, our next contact will be to send you the book 🙂



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