Back in Southampton

Fareshare Manchester

So after nearly 2 months on the road, I’m back in Southampton where the food waste tour began. In no way does it feel complete, but my do I feel nourished!

As expected, beginning to reflect on the whole entire trip is challenging. I had planned to be doing lots of blogging as I moved around the country, but I found that it was just distracting me from the very fortunate position I happened to be in. Sometime after London, I made a very conscious decision to not pressure myself to write-up my experiences and to be more present with what I was encountering. It definitely relieved me to put that out of mind, although it did leave some worry about how I would conquer this task on returning to Southampton. Well this is where I’m at.

There are still people and projects I have yet to connect with, so I’m working on that now. There are also some organizations where I’ve met with the directors, but happened to cross paths when their project wasn’t active. In these cases, it was great to hear about what they do and how things run, but I’ll likely take advantage of a mini-tour during summer to experience their events/pop-ups live, and document them for the book.

Currently, I’m in the midst of communicating with organizations, activists and projects about how they want to be represented in the book. I’m collecting donated content up until April 30th, and from there I’ll be in the first phase of production – cooking up and photographing the recipes!

Landfull is a collaborative cookery book that I am producing alongside my own food waste projects in Southampton. For this reason I am working on it part-time. I have no idea of the time-scale of such a publication, but I aim to have it ready for printing by the end of 2015. I can now hear you laughing at my nativity…


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