Pie In The Sky

During the week I visited Pie in the Sky Community Café in the Bromley-by-Bow Centre. I had been to this cafe over a year ago, as part of research for beginning Food Waste Café with Libby Russell. Pie In The Sky is run by FoodCycle, and serves low-cost dishes made from food surplus. FoodCycle (as you may be aware) is a UK charity that brings together groups all around the country, arranging to collect supermarket waste from them, utilising spare kitchens and selling nutritious dishes. Pie In The Sky is there only permanent, full-time kitchen. The café is run by volunteers and puts emphasis on providing catering work experience to individuals who are unemployed and struggling to find jobs.

When I arrived this time, it was much busier than the last. Most tables were full of people enjoying breakfast. There was a real buzz of activity, within the café tables and in the kitchen. I didn’t get as much time to talk with the manager as I’d like to, but note that this is because there were lots of people to feed and things to organize for the day. It was really nice to return to somewhere that had supported me a long while ago – when I came last time they kindly added myself and Libby to the FoodCycle network to fund our Basic Food Hygiene training. So appreciative.


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