Old Tree

Old Tree Brewery is a hand-made co-operative that work toward the planting of food forests. They produce delicious drinks made from surplus fruits, and serve them in re-usable bottles! They’re determined to achieve a production process that contributes to land regeneration, rather than it’s depletion, providing a much more sustainable service than mainstream brewery’s.

Old Tree are based in Brighton and are committed to reducing the movement and distribution in the drinks industry. It works extremely well that they now have a micro-brewery in the kitchen of Silo, only needing to transport drinks up a few stairs! When Silo first opened its doors in October, Old Tree offered to supply drinks for the celebration – with their much-loved Elderflower Champagne! It was from here that staff at the restaurant were interested in Old Tree making all of the alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks for the bar.

This is now the licensed base for their production. They make different cordials, ciders, craft ales, champagnes and wines. As much as they can, they only use ingredients that are surplus… usually from wholesalers with excessive amounts of fruit that would otherwise deteriorate. This makes their work even more exciting, as their drinks change with what they can intercept. They are also committed to foraging for ingredients, keeping an eye on the bigger picture of their manifesto at all times.

In the future, Old Tree would like to fund the planting and maintenance of food forests. This year, they plan to continue working towards the most sustainable production and distribution methods – not only practising zero waste but with intention of using waste wood to create biochar that can be locally composted, in order to brew with climate-stabilization and land-connection at the heart. They are very much inspired by Soil-Carbon-Regeneration.

I had arranged to meet with Tom, but ended up meeting Nick and felt extremely welcomed into their space. I saw part of the process, heard stories, learnt about brewing, tasted ale and connected with an awesome project. Lots of valuable conversation and a new relationship with drinks production. I would love for Curb (Southampton’s soon-to-be Junk Food Kitchen) to support the work of Old Tree in the future.


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