The Real Junk Food Project Brighton

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The Real Junk Food Project Brighton is another chapter of the network. I met with the director, Adam Buckingham, who welcomed me into his home for lots of conversation. It was so great to speak about his process and the work load over the past months – a very nice insight into what’s to come in Southampton. They have recently have set up as a C.I.C. (Community Interest Company) just like the initial Pay As You Feel Café in Leeds.

Currently, they do not have access to a café space full time, but are very, very fortunate to be able to use the kitchen at SILO. They do pop-up’s in an unused church in central Brighton (One Church), and will be looking for additional space soon. Adam currently has a bunch of freezers full of food for the next pop-up – as well as growing relationships with stores and restaurants in Brighton.

Adam and I spoke about working together, being pretty close geographically. It would be awesome to support and feel supported by people part of the network on the South coast. I look forward to how this can happen… but in the mean time, must continue on North on the road trip! I will also be receiving TRJFP Brighton’s recipe very soon!

TRJFP Brighton managed to get coverage on Jamie and Jimmy’s Friday Night Feast a few days ago. Click here to watch the episode.

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