Community Chef

Robin van Creveld has been running Community Chef since 2001. His kitchen is based in Lewes, and has been the first stop on my trip. He offers cookery training, classes, demonstrations, ongoing mentoring, consultancy and bread-making workshops. For this reason he is often travelling around the country, and invites other projects in Lewes to use his kitchen. Lots of people, food and activity often fill the space, making it quite a central hub for food initiatives in town. Whilst I was there, someone knocked with a raw-pizza delivery – raw like raw food diet.. not just frozen! This is one of groups that use the kitchen.


Robin is dedicated to helping people improve nutrition and cookery skills, whilst also promoting a sustainable food system that’s good for all. He has worked with schools, community groups, charities, activists, government organizations and more. He really is quite the food pioneer, helping so many people get their ideas off the ground.

Last year, I was lucky enough to attend Robin’s 2-day Cookery Leader Training in Southampton. This was community-directed and all about healthy cooking for something larger than yourself. I wrote a blog post about my experience at the time, but I just want to re-emphasize how informative and inspiring it was! Although Community Chef doesn’t strictly work with food waste, I feel to definitely include Robin in Landfull as he has/can offer different training and consultancy to individuals thinking about food waste initiatives. He really has helped me think about things more practically and continues to be interested and supportive. He’s also written recipes for Love Food Hate Waste – and will be providing Landfull with some very soon!

Whilst in the industrial estate, I went a few doors down to Pop Up Studios, where there is an awesome space and communal compost. All the leftover food scraps from Robin go in here, where there is also a community garden. Here are some photos from nextdoor..


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