Food Waste Café

So, starting off very local…

Food Waste Café is a pop-up, community installation that serves dishes made from discarded food. Initiated by artists Louiza Hamidi (myself) and Libby Russell in October 2013, the café is based in Southampton and invites guests to sit, eat and relax in a welcoming and thought-provoking environment.

Food Waste Café is predominantly composed of products salvaged from bins. This includes all of its edible ingredients, cooking utensils, crockery, pots and pans, chalkboards, tablecloths and other décor. The café will not at any point purchase new resources, nor charge for its services – removing financial transactions altogether. Louiza and Libby hope guests feel cheerful and comfortable in a space where they can connect, learn, create, share, eat and feel a sense of community.


Food Waste Café gives away not only the food but the other found kitchenware. The installation pops up when enough has been collected for a new installation – keeping things rotating and fresh!

Click here to read the café MANIFESTO

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